Blockchain, Changes Practices of
International Jewelry Trading Forever

Jewelry market that used to be traded in kind.
Jewelry market that was not trusted due to loss, imitation, etc.
Creating trust in a new era through NFT technology,
Creating a new market that didn't exist


Jewelry that used to trade only in kind, now trades as NFTs over the Internet.
Founded to preoccupy the jewelry-specialized
NFT business platform market by pursuing projects
that fit this trend, nGlitter has a compound name of
NFT (NFT) + Glitter (gems sparkle).

nGlitter Blockchain Systems

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Blockchain Transparency,
Efficiency Change the Game Of The Jewelry Industry Forever

ERC20, one of Ethereum's core technology protocols,
is an international technology protocol that has already delivered
technical services to tens of thousands of companies and platforms
around the world, and is using it to design nGlitter's service platform.

How the each of market stake holders benefited

Companies that processes gemstones and
commercializes them. You will receive royalties from the sale of NFT products.

Leading jeweler
Among the leading companies that sell processed and commercialized products, they will participate in NFT design as a company with a certain level of jewelry market transaction share and receive royalties from the sale of NFT products in the future.
Jewelry Purchasing Individuals
You will be authorized to use or resell the NFT as your profile picture.
NFT Individual And Institutional Investors
Participants who will receive the proceeds from the overall operation.
Jewelry appraisal and certification company
The certificate will be produced in the form of metadata in the NFT product to complete the value of the product.

Token usage allocations

Although it is an NFT product, it is based on existing physical jewelry products, so it requires a high level of legal ability, online and offline marketing capabilities to match the requirements of the actual international jewelry exchange market.
The Foundation has a sufficient reserve to prepare loyalty contracts with large jewelers, and a global marketing line that does not overlap with existing jewelers to carry out business without conflict of interest.
  • Coin name : nGlitter
  • Symbol : NGLT
  • Protocol : ERC20
  • Total supply : 500,000,000

nGlitter Roadmap


  • Q3 Establishment of nGlitter
  • Q4 A Market Survey on the Status of the International Jewelry Market


  • Q1 Basic structuring of platform
    1st listing at global exchange
    Adoption of nGlitter dedicated wallet solutions
  • Q2 Expanding Collaboration with Leading International Dealers
  • Q3 Expansion of nGlitter platform
  • Q4 2nd listing at global exchange


  • Q1 Re-establishment of legal standards for safe operation of business
  • Q2 Participation in the International Jewelry Fair
  • Q3 Expanding presenting NFT at Global NFT Exchanges
  • Q4 Platform 1st Advancement